WM 1875-6-7, 1882-3-4, 1895

Bro. Geo D. Sherman was member and past master of Elgin Lodge #117 in the 1800’s.

The name Sherman is well known in our area and for good reason. Brother Sherman’s father donated a two-story house in 1888 which later became Advocate Sherman Hospital. To learn more follow the link below.


WM 1865

Brother Jonathan Tefft was raised as a master mason in 1854. He and his family lived on a farm, which is presently Lords Park. Brother Tefft and his family played a vital role in our community. Bro Tefft was an integral part of the Elgin Board of Trades and his son, Dr. Joseph Tefft, was the first mayor and physician of Elgin.

To learn more interesting facts about Jonathan Tefft, follow the link below and scroll to his name.