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Christmas Dinner for 10 families

posted Dec 23, 2020, 11:41 AM by Rick
This year the Masons at the Elgin Lodge are providing 10 local families with a free Christmas Dinner. This dinner will include:
1 10-12lb ham
1 Case of 24ct water
1 5lb bag of potatoes
1 Pie
2 Jars of gravy
2 Cans of green beans
2 Cans of corn
2 Boxes of macaroni and cheese
1 Bag of baby carrots
1 Bag of dinner rolls

The holidays are a hard time for many families. As Masons and members of the Elgin Comunity, we are honored to give back and help.
Brother Jose Bosque has taken the time to do the shopping and is contacting families in need to distribute the meals.